Why Disputatio Orbis
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Why Disputatio Orbis

What does it means

Build your digital future

Hello, I am Paolo

Disputatio Orbis, from Latin “discorso” al “mondo” in English means, literally speaking to the world.


As I told before, today is impossible not communicate, mainly because we are living in a society where we are always connected, with everyone and everything.


Talk is an essential part of us, and we show ourselves. The beauty of our time and we can improve our knowledge through the internet, and speak with a person that lives at thousand kilometres of you.


Its so important present yourself and your work in the right way, clearly keeping your authenticity and your ideas. Disputatio Orbis wants to underline how is necessary to communicate with the right words, and in this case, not only the words but also an excellent presentation of your work through the website, photos, and media.


Thankful my experience, before like a man and therefore like a professional path as a professional photographer I understood that the difference between a good project and a not efficient project is the quality of your work, clearly but communications to your clients in the right way.


The reason because I decided to open Disputatio Orbis; it’s a dedicated space for all my web developer works, a new way to approach the new digital world. The communication like as a person is a beautiful ruby but, it doesn’t shine alone.


I want to narrate stories, meet people and sharing our experiences. We are communicating, speaking and showing who we are.